How to Balance when you are Foodie as well as Fitness addict at the same time

Hola everyone! This is La Fonceur, an Independent Dance Artist from India. Dance is my #Passion, moreover, dance is simply a part of my personality. I am a big foodie but simultaneously I am a fitness addict too. So being a foodie by nature, I always crave for yumm junk food but as the name suggests ultimately they are junk so being a #fitness addict too by nature, I always find ways to cut down those calories which are easiest to gain but hardest to lose 🙂

So here I get help from my education as I belong to the Pharma field and I am Masters in Pharmacy. I take help from my studies and try to get to know better how the body works and reacts to certain food or #exercise. And I always do experiments to make some super healthy version of tasty fatty food so that I can satiate my taste bud at the same time I don’t feed my body any junk food.

But all diet and no exercise or vice versa never work. I am too lazy to hit the #gym and thank god I am gifted with the talent of #Dance. Most of my workout portion is covered by dance only. I am a Hip Hop dance artist and this dance style requires a lot of energy.
Not a Gym Person SMLXL
Choose Dance if you are not a Gym person like me
But that doesn’t mean you don’t need any other exercise. So I do light exercises mainly toning exercises, but what I prefer more for flexibility is Yoga. I am doing yoga since the age of 5. The first asana (yoga postures or yoga positions) that I did was Surya Namaskar (which means Salute to the Sun and it combines twelve asanas), I learned it from my Dad and I still do it. Along with flexibility, Yoga helps to keep my inner body healthy too and I don’t need to hit the gym.
Go for Yoga for flexibility
Go for Yoga for flexibility
To satisfy my taste bud, I either replace junk with their healthy option, like replace refined wheat flour to whole wheat flour or control the portion of junk food that I eat. Both options work well but if you are just controlling the portion of food then you must add other healthy food to fulfill body nutrients requirement. Replace junk food with their healthy alternative
So this was all for today. If you want to have more tips like this then become a member of my blog.

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