Prevention is Actually Better than Cure

We all know Prevention is better than cure but how many of us apply it in our life? The percentage is very low. Today I will discuss it in detail. Generally, when we see someone having bad #consequence of their bad habits we assume that it can only happen to others, we have this tendency where we think bad consequence only
happens to others, somewhere we think we are different, this will definitely not going to happen to me. But the fact is no matter how much you behave irresponsibly toward your health today, it is coming back to you sooner or later, there is no escape.
Sorry if I sounded harsh but this is the fact. The simple rule is what you will give to your body, your body will give you back the same. So if you are giving Junk, #health deteriorating elements to your body, don’t expect it to give you a healthy life in return. Sometimes our body doesn’t alarm instantly to junk and bad habits and everything seems so normal but with time, it aggregates and then it gives you life-threatening diseases. After all, our body needs good care, good food, good lifestyle and when it doesn’t get it, it’s function affected and with time it loses it’s functionality.
I always hear people talk about their health problems in a way like a god just gave them this problem, not for a second they blame themselves for the problem, they don’t even think or analysis what did they do wrong which caused them this particular problem. I believe Prevention is better than cure. You have to analyze what caused you the problem, what was the root of the problem, whether it was the result of your bad eating habit or your bad lifestyle or what exactly went wrong.

We generally hear that stress cause health problems what if I ask you to think in reverse, what if I tell you that if you will have health problem then “IT” will give you stress, if you are not feeling healthy in the first place then how will you concentrate on other important aspect of your life? Won’t you lose the major opportunites of your life because of your health?

See in this way, if this helps you, God has gifted you this body, you are the care taker of your body, everything else will come and go but your body will remain with you for the lifetime.

If you are responsible for anything most then that’s your body. If you will not fulfill your responsibility then who else will be?

At last, all I can say that Your body is not dustbin where you can throw anything, it is the #temple, you should worship it and should think twice before giving it any junk or health deteriorating elements because ultimately what you will give to your body it will give you back the same.
*Above all are my personal opinion based on my personal experiences, studies that I have done during my Pharma days and intensive research of various online health publications.
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