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About Us

Our Approach

eatsowhat.com is a Smart Food blog. It lets people choose smartly what to eat what not to eat. Helping foodie people to eat healthy food but in a tasty way. Spreading knowledge about nutrients and fitness.

Our Story

eatsowhat.com is a new blog by Dance artist, Pharmaceutical Technologist La Fonceur for the purpose of helping people to eat smart with her knowledge of food, body mechanism, and drugs/.

Meet the Author behind EAT SO WHAT!


La Fonceur is a dance artist, a health blogger and the author of the book series Eat So What. She is a Lacto vegetarian since birth like her parents and her grandparents. She has a master’s degree in Pharmacy, and she specialized in Pharmaceutical Technology. She has published an article titled ‘Techniques for Producing Biotechnology-Derived Products of Pharmaceutical Use’ in Pharmtechmedica Journal. She is a registered state pharmacist. She is a national-level GPAT qualifier of the year 2011 in which she was among the top 1400 nationwide. Being a research scientist, she has worked closely with drugs. Based on her experience, she believes vegetarian foods are the remedy for many diseases; one can prevent most of the diseases with nutritional foods and a healthy lifestyle.


From Eat so what! to Secret of Healthy Hair to Swasth Baalon ka Raaz. Read all books by La Fonceur.

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