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10 Worst Foods You Should Avoid For Healthy Hair

10 Worst Foods For Hair You Should Avoid

It takes more than good shampoo and conditioner to help your hair look its best. Your hair gets affected by the foods you eat. Your hair tells how well or poorly you are feeding your body. Poor diet may cause a loss of hair or make your hair dull, brittle, and thin. Of course, several other lifestyle choices also play an essential role in affecting your hair health, including smoking, and how often do you oil your hair but by eating nutrient-rich foods and avoiding those that only do harm, you can influence your hair growth, volume, shine and its likelihood of greying.

Below are 10 Worst Foods for Hair You Should Avoid:

Sugar is not good for hair, and it promotes inflammation. A high sugar intake spikes blood sugar levels, causing a spike of insulin and androgens, which then bind to hair follicles and potentially accelerate hair loss. It doesn’t mean you need to stop having sugar entirely; it is generally seen in people who chronically have high levels of insulin. Over the long term, when high sugar intakes consistently drive inflammation, it affects the immune system and overall affects hair health. If you are a sweet tooth, then add some fresh fruits into your diet as they satisfy your sweet craving as well as nourish your body.

Any alcoholic beverages, including spirits, beer, and wine, interfere with metabolization of zinc and cause a reduction of the zinc level in the body. Zinc is a crucial mineral that plays a vital role in your hair growth. When zinc level is too low, it stops hair growth, and hair fall may start. Alcohol also dehydrates you and can make your hair brittle, dry, and more prone to breakage.

3.Starchy food
Foods that contain starch, like cakes, white bread, pasta, and other refined, processed starches are quickly broken down into sugar and cause thinning of hair. Research has also shown that starchy food can increase androgen levels, particularly an androgen called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that can lead to a shorter cycle of hair growth and cause hair follicles to become thinner. So, have such foods only in moderation and stick with whole wheat whenever possible.

Salt should be consumed moderately. Side effects of taking an excessive amount of salt are not only limited to kidney problems, and high blood pressure, but it can wreak havoc on your hair too. Salt is considered as harmful for hair as it contains sodium which has its own side effects. So, always opt for low sodium and low salt diet. You should go for sea salt which is another form of salt that contains 26 minerals which give hair a better shine, volume, and strength as it intensifies blood circulation in the scalp that boosts hair growth.

5.Diet soda
Diet soda contains artificial sweetener, like aspartame, which is not good for hair. Aspartame can cause hair loss and hair fall. Not only bad for hair, but aspartame can also cause depression, arthritis, impotency, and bloating. Staying completely away from such drinks can keep your hair shiny and healthy. You can switch from diet soda to natural healthy drinks to stay hydrated.
Who doesn’t want shiny, strong, and healthy hair? However, your hair needs complete nutrition. Unhealthy diets can result in dry, brittle, lackluster hair. When the body doesn’t get enough nutrition such as protein, biotin, zinc, iron, and other nutrients that it needs from the diet, it can result in loss of hair. If you are experiencing hair loss, then pay attention to your diet, what you ate in about two to three months. Is your diet protein-deficient or lack of iron, zinc, or maybe your diet is full of unhealthy foods that are nutritionless and damaging your hair health? Putting restriction to these unhealthy foods for some months as well as adding more nutritious food in your diet may help you get your lustrous waves back.

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