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Eat So What! Boxset on $1.99 Sale

almost free ebook

Hey reader, it’s time for almost free ebook!


Happy Monday! Here’s a fantastic kindle deal! Eat So What! Extract Editions 4 Books Boxset is available for $1.99 instead of $5.88 till Oct 18. If you’ve read any of the books of the Eat So What! series and want to read other books of the series, this is a great time to read them. 

Eat So What! is a complete beginner’s guide to start a healthy lifestyle and vegetarianism. Moreover, it now comes with delicious and healthy recipes. So don’t miss it. Grab the boxset here:

Eat So What! Extract Editions Boxset: 4 Books in 1
Eat So What! Extract Editions Boxset: 4 Books in 1

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