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Eat So What! Boxset on $1.99 Sale

almost free ebook Hey reader, it’s time for almost free ebook! Hola,  Happy Monday! Here’s a fantastic kindle deal! Eat So What! Extract Editions 4 Books Boxset is available for $1.99 instead of $5.88 till Oct 18. If you’ve read any of the books of the Eat So What! series and want to read other books of the series, […]


NEW BOOK RELEASE Hola,  Here’s the Announcement no. 3 of Feb month. Eat So What! Extract Editions are now available in Boxset format. The boxset has all 4 books of Eat So What! Extract Series; Eat So What! Smart Ways to Stay Healthy Volume 1 & 2, Eat So What! The Power of Vegetarianism Volume 1 & 2. The eBook Boxset is releasing on March 8 and available on Amazon […]


GIVEAWAY FREE KINDLE EBOOKS Hola, Happy Saturday! Downloaded the FREE Book 1: Eat So What! Smart Ways to Stay Healthy of Eat So What! Extract series. Today Book 2 is on $0.99 and Book 1 is still free today (last day). So, if you missed it yesterday, get it today. Moreover, Book 3 and Book 4 with Eat to Prevent and […]

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